In-Person Judging to continue Saturday April 24th

Please follow the instructions below if you plan to attend or bring plants.

To conform with Broward County's COVID guidelines,

the location continues to be in the outdoor Flamingo BBQ house.

All attending will be required to 

  -wear a mask covering their noise, mouth & chin

  -observe proper social distancing at all times

      (chairs and tables will be arranged accordingly; no visitors at judging tables)

  -hand sanitizing will be required;  bring your own supply.


No food will be provided (though you are welcome to bring or buy your own)


To ensure as smooth a process as possible, please PRE-REGISTER

your plants by Friday, 4/23 by 3 pm.


  Please email to Jackie Wood (

        1) the name of the plant (if a hybrid, please include the parents)

        2) your name and contact information


Late entries will still be accepted up to Saturday at 1:30 pm 

  however pre-registration is greatly appreciated.

Click here to download entry form.


If you plan to attend judging on April 24th, please contact

Jackie Wood (


Sandi Block-Brezner (

for instructions on how to gain access to Flamingo Gardens.

WPBJC Monthly Education Sessions

Education Topics


Because of COVID restrictions, all education sessions will continue virtually via Zoom.


If you are interested in attending any of these upcoming education sessions, contact 

Jackie Wood


for dates, times and zoom links.

Flamingo Gardens Botanical Gardens & Everglades Wildlife Santuary

3750 South Flamingo Road

Davie, FL  33330-1614

(954) 473-2955

WPBJC Affiliated Orchid Society Shows:

Questions about any of these shows?  



Judging Date:​

October 28, 2021         East Everglades Orchid Society Show (10/28 thru 10/31)

                                      Judging Chair:  Bonnie & Will Riley

                                                Location:  R.F. Orchids, Homestead, FL

November 13, 2021     Deerfield Beach Orchid Society Show (11/13 thru 11/14)

                                      Judging Chair:  Angie O'Neil-Butler

                                                Location:  Safe Schools, Boca Raton, FL